Saturday, January 10, 2015

Terri's "Piece in the Hoop" Machine Embroidery Classes

Here in a couple of weeks Terri will be starting up her Machine Embroidery Groups again! The first project on the books will be this beautiful Love Placard from the Piece in the Hoop book (part of the class curriculum; this book is available to buy at the store).

Supply list:

Fabric for Blocks:

  • Twenty strips in various shades of pink, 1" wide and up to 3" long. 
  • Four white 4" squares for the centers
Fabric for Sashing:
  • Five pink 2x6" strips
  • Two pink 2x27" strips
Fabric for Borders:
  • Two pink 3.5"x33" strips
  • Two pink 3.5"x15" strips
  • Two white 1.5"x7.5" strips, folded in half 
  • Two white 1.5"x27" strips, folded in half
Fabric for Backing:
  • One 15"x33" rectangle
Fabric for Binding:
  • One 6"x40" strip
  • One 15"x33" rectangle
  • Pink Embroidery Thread
  • Neutral cotton thread for piecing

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