Thursday, June 11, 2015

Row by Row Experience

Anyone taking road trips this summer around the state? Out of state? We have the perfect experience for you! Rather than picking up a postcard at each stop, or getting a t-shirt, join in the Row by Row Experience!

Here's how this works:

Participating Quilt Shops have created a Row, all centered around the theme of water, that is unique to their store. When you visit the shop you can collect the free pattern to the Row they designed. Many will have kits available to buy as well if you want to be sure to get the exact fabrics for that row too. Collect as many or as few as you want, and then combine them to make quilts, wall hangings, table runners, etc. I like to think of it as collecting postcards that you can snuggle with!

So, here's the run down:

  • Collect patterns/rows between June 21-September 8, 2015. 
  • Patterns are FREE (but you do have to physically visit that shop to get it)
  • Quilt shops in all 50 states and 9 of Canada's provinces (not Newfoundland) are participating, so wherever you go you can find a Row!

And now you are probably wondering what our Row looks like.

Our Gila River Row was designed by Sherelle Wilkerson and Karen Earlywine.

Now...just because I'm a nerd and I wanted to see what the route would look like to make one big loop around New Mexico to visit all 16 participating shops (get the addresses by clicking on the link). You could hop on at any point on this route and make the loop to visit every single NM shop, and it would bring you right back to where you started with minimal backtracking.

To follow this route would be 20 hours of driving. All in one go, that'd be long and hard, but break this up into a week and that's a nice fun road trip (that'd less than 3 hours of driving a day if you followed the exact route) with plenty of time to look around, meander, and check out the state!

The map above is a hybrid of two Google Maps (Google wouldn't allow me to put all 16 stops in one map, so I split it in two). But, here are the links for the two Google Maps for anyone interested:

Map #1 (Silver City through the southeast portion of the state and up to Las Vegas, NM)
Map #2 (Las Vegas, NM through Taos and down through the central/western run of the state)

Have fun with this! If you participate (and we hope you do!), send us photos of your finished Row by Row Project!

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