Monday, March 30, 2015

Magnetic "Paper" Dolls

One year for Christmas my sister and I received magnetic paper dolls from our Grandmother for Christmas. We spent hours and hours playing with those dolls. Those two dolls had marvelous adventures in our imaginations. School, vacations, romance, raising babies, saving the world, making cookies, you name it. I still have my doll tucked safely away in my personal history box. It's one of my treasures! 

With those memories from my childhood I was especially excited to see the adorable fabric line from the February Terrific Tuesday featuring the "paper" dolls. This past month Judy decided to take the panel and turn the fabric into magnetic dolls, and it turned out adorable! 

Aren't those cute with the cookie sheet as the board?! I love these little dolls and this genius idea. The little girl comes out in me again and I secretly want a set for myself. So fun, and so cute!

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