Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Mystery Quilt: Needle in a Haystack

At our January Terrific Tuesday we introduced a fun new Mystery Quilt project in the store! We are doing Debbie Caffrey's Needle in a Haystack quilt pattern, one step a month.

What is a mystery quilt? 
A mystery quilt is a fun quilting project where you don't know the end result. The pattern gives you yardage, along with print and value suggestions, but that is all you know at the beginning.

How does a mystery quilt work? 
Once you have your fabric picked out you are ready to start. Each month (for 6 months) we will be giving out the next step. This gives you plenty of time to complete each step and keep up (or to join in late if you decide you want to hop in on the fun). By the time Terrific Tuesday comes around in July, you'll have a finished quilt to show off!

This quilt finishes at 60" x 76" (a large lap quilt or twin bed cover), but borders can be added to up this to a queen size.

Fabric selection:
For mystery quilts you want contrast between each of your fabrics so that you can distinguish each fabric easily. The pattern suggests to "choose a variety of scales and/or visual textures for interest. Avoid directional fabrics unless you are prepared to ignore their prints."
Here are examples of fabrics that Judy and Donna picked out:

Want to give this a try? Come in the store and pick up the yardage requirements and first step! The 2nd step will be given out for Terrific Tuesday on the 10th!

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