Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To Market To Market To See Lots of Things!!

I heard some interesting news that is happening this week!!  Donna and Judy are going to International Quilt Market this week.  They are so excited, and will hopefully get tons of ideas for new classes, goodies and fabrics for the store.  WhooooHooooo!
But the best thing about their leaving is that Judy asked Marnie and Terri to work at the store while they are gone.  So while the "mice" are away the "cats" are going to play and have a Green Tag Twenty Sale.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday they will choose twenty different fabrics and put a green tag on them.  Those tagged fabrics will be 20% off for that day only.  So if you have really had your eye on a particular fabric and would like to see it on sale, you better go in and ask if they might consider it for the following day.

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